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1. Bank Note/Money Detection Pen

2.Ball Pen

How do banknote detector pens work?

The practise of counterfeiting money is as old as the printing of money itself. There have been numerous advances in anti-counterfeit technology; from ‘raised prints’ and ‘see-through registers’, to the rumoured introduction of technologies to help banknote detectors such as microchips inside the fabric of notes. Yet the counterfeiters still manage to succeed in mass-producing notes that pass though the publics’hands un-noticed. One of the simplest ways to identify counterfeits is to test the ‘paper’ fabric itself. As the supply of genuine banknote paper is restricted and controlled by the authorities, the type of paper used by the counterfeiters can differ greatly. The majority of world banknotes are manufactured from cotton, and are often mixed with linen or other textile fibers. They do not contain any starch, so they wont react with Iodine. This is where the note checker pens come in. note checker pens contain a very simple Iodine solution, which upon contact with a genuine note, will create a mark which is yellowish or clear. On a note made with paper containing starch, the mark is black or brown. In general, banknote detector pens are most effective against notes printed on standard printer or photocopier paper.

How reliable are note checker pens then?

The pens will detect a great majority of counterfeit notes in circulation, and it can be very effective and offer a great visible deterrent against those attempting to pass fake notes. Banknote detector pens are also inexpensive, and many can be distributed to cashier personnel in numbers for little outlay. Quality guidelines for banknote detector pens Good quality banknote detector pens or other iodine-based banknote detectors need to have the correct chemical balance in order for them to identify fake notes properly. As the paper that banknotes are made of typically consists of starch, linen and other fabrics, the percentage of iodine in the pen can affect the quality of the note checker pens result. Insufficient iodine will render the banknote detector pen useless. Cheap banknote detector pens from an unusual source may often be made cheaply just to get the sale and will be a poor banknote detector. High-quality banknote detector pens from

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