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  • Automatic switching time, temperature, date
  • You can set three alarm at most
  • Sound Control,save electricity
  • Set up 12/24 hours as you like
  • Size:12*8*8 CM / 4.72*3.15*3.15 inch

    .To display a, time, temperature, acoustic wake sleep function and display brightness to automatically at 7:00 in the morning at 6:00 in the evening by half, is conducive to energy conservation.
    .Built-in clock backup power (button battery), in the external power supply after power still can walk, but no display and alarm.Two methods for power supply, transformer section 5 VDC power supply or 3 AAA batteries.
    .Three groups of alarm clock, alarm clock time make a minute then rang sound as “di di di”, can be open or close a single alarm, alone in ringing alarm state press any button can stop ringing.The alarm, with working days
    .SET key UP key DOWN key, simple easy to operate.
    .The temperature display unit degrees Celsius/Fahrenheit convertible.12/24 hour system, can be to convert the 12/24 hours, 24 hours by default.Can be fixed display time (also can set time, date, temperature switch display)
    .Detailed function adjustment, operating manual that was provided with your product packing box
    7.Multi-function electronic clock: table with three groups of alarm clock, temperature, date, acoustic sensor, can display the time fixed in normally on mode