Foldable Tablet Stand for 7-10 Inch iPads & Smartphones

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Tablet-and-Cell-Phone-Stand-Holder-Mount-for-Apple-iPad-iPhone-6S-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-Kindle-Surface-ASUS-Any-Devices-from-4-12-1 (7)Tablet-and-Cell-Phone-Stand-Holder-Mount-for-Apple-iPad-iPhone-6S-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-Kindle-Surface-ASUS-Any-Devices-from-4-12-1 (1)Tablet-and-Cell-Phone-Stand-Holder-Mount-for-Apple-iPad-iPhone-6S-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-Kindle-Surface-ASUS-Any-Devices-from-4-12-1 (2)Tablet-and-Cell-Phone-Stand-Holder-Mount-for-Apple-iPad-iPhone-6S-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-Kindle-Surface-ASUS-Any-Devices-from-4-12-1 (3)Tablet-and-Cell-Phone-Stand-Holder-Mount-for-Apple-iPad-iPhone-6S-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-Kindle-Surface-ASUS-Any-Devices-from-4-12-1 (4)Tablet-and-Cell-Phone-Stand-Holder-Mount-for-Apple-iPad-iPhone-6S-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-Kindle-Surface-ASUS-Any-Devices-from-4-12-1 (9)Tablet-and-Cell-Phone-Stand-Holder-Mount-for-Apple-iPad-iPhone-6S-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-Kindle-Surface-ASUS-Any-Devices-from-4-12-1 (8)Tablet-and-Cell-Phone-Stand-Holder-Mount-for-Apple-iPad-iPhone-6S-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-Kindle-Surface-ASUS-Any-Devices-from-4-12-1 (6)Tablet-and-Cell-Phone-Stand-Holder-Mount-for-Apple-iPad-iPhone-6S-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-Kindle-Surface-ASUS-Any-Devices-from-4-12-1 (5)

Multi-Functional Accessory for Tablets and Smartphones available in 5 colors
Tablet and Cell Phone Stand Holder Mount for Apple iPad iPhone 6S Samsung Galaxy Tab Kindle Surface ASUS Any Devices from 4″-12″

  • Universal Stand Compatibility: This universal tablet stand holder is designed to offer extreme mounting functionality and support. Fully Compatible with a wide variety of tablets and smartphones including but not limited: For Apple iPhone, For iPad, Samsung, Nexus, LG , Nokia, Lenovo, Sony, Nexus, BlackBerry, Surface, ASUS, HTC etc.
  • Dual Viewing Holder Modes: This universal tablet and cell phone display stand supports two display positions: Multi-Angle – Landscape and Portrait orientations. Allows you to swivel your device so you can enjoy absolute freedom to use of your cell phone or tablet in either landscape or portrait viewing mode.
  • Super Durable Tablet Mount: This universal cell phone and tablet holder available in 5 colors (Blue, Purple, Orange, Green and Pink) has a solid plastic construction, Anti-Slip, Soft Rubber Feet, combined with its unique and 100% retractable design, which makes it exceptionally durable. The solid design gives this tablet stand an unrivaled quality that guarantees excellent value for your money.
  • Easy to use: This universal For iPad and cell phone holder is really easy to use and much easier to setup, due to it simple design. It has an adjustable width that supports the mounting of large or regular sized cell phones and tablets ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches.