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Pencil Shape Holder With Alarm Clock

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1. Normal time mode
Normal time mode displays time, date (2099 to 2000), week, temperature, and can realize the conversion of 12 / 24 hours.
2. Daily alarm clock and sleep mode
Alarm mode set daily alarm time and alarm music selection (total of 8), but can also open a snooze function.
3. Birthday reminder mode
Can set the birthday reminders specific time, date, the point will have a birthday song broadcast, as a blessing.
4.Timer mode
The timer mode can be set to reverse timing timing range of 23:59-00:00 hours. When time comes, It will ring.
5.Temperature mode
Automatic detection of ambient temperature. In the normal state, the key SET can be used to achieve the conversion of C / F.
6.Music mode
In the normal state, you can open or close the function of music appreciation.
Material: ABS+ electronic components
Color: Black, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray
Size: Approx.107*77*87MM
Net Weight: 200g
Package included:
1 x Electronic Pen Pencil Holder