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Material: Plastic, Stainless steel blade
Package Size: 16*12 ( cm )

Functions: Chops meats, Chops vegetables, Mix and make pastries, Crushes ice

Makes food preperation fun and easy.
Easy to use,wash and store.
Color: White
Material: Plastic, Stainless steel blade
Size: As the picture show below

Cleaning Method:
1.finished using the machine, soft wool brush available from the tap brush edge residual, please do not use the hand to touch steel part.
2.keep steel leaf drying, not the knife blade long-term immersion in water.
3.carrot vegetable & fruit easy plastic products dyeing, use of the kitchen and bleaching liquid dilution soaking treatment clean and sterilization function. high temperature steam sterilization.

Package include:
1 x  Hand Crank Vegetable Swift Chopper
fruit and vegetable swift chopper
(1) thinly vegetables and fruits, especially suitable for all kinds of high and low moisture fruit and vegetables, can be used to feed the very ground broken food baby
(2) the salad dehydration, single deal with 800-1000 ML
(3) mix, applies to all kinds of seasoning mix and stir drinks of
(4) shell breaking, egg white separation function used in the various types of baking production
(5) crushed ice, a deal with 5-10 ice used to make ShaBing shake etc. Function
accessories:Mixing wind leaf, cottonwood screw knife, dehydrated basket, operating crank, egg white separator
(6):chop meat :Because the meat is sticky, easy to stir clouds or all of the stick in the blade is formed, minced alone a few when can add some water, so it won`t stick, it much easier, so the flesh of the steam out of the mixture of eating accident surprise, it`s delicious
blade is very sharp ,be careful not to be hurt
method of cleaning
(1) after using the machine, can use soft wool brush on the faucet scrub blade residual, please don`t use hands touching part their steely knives.
(2) attention to keep their steely knives of leaf dry, do not put their steely knives leaves for a long time in the water.
(3) carrots etc to fruits and vegetables will plastic products dyeing, can use the kitchen bleaching solution diluted soak processing have in addition to clean and fungi.
(4) do not high-temperature cooking disinfection.